Some Weed Family Geneology

Jonas Weed b. 1575 England
m. Mary Jane Davidson b. 1580 England
  Jonas Weed I (Immigrant) b. 1598 England d. 1676 Stamford CT (age 78)
  m. Mary (?) b. 1616 England d. 1689 Stamford CT
Jonas arrived via Arabella (in the 1630 Winthrop Fleet), established himself in Watertown MA, made Freeman May 1631. Few years later, he helped found Wethersfield CT, first official settlement in CT. He soon moved to Stamford CT and became one of the leading figures in early Stamford. Arrived with John (cousin?). Both moved to Wethersfield but John did not move to Stamford with Jonas. Instead, he moved to Salisbury, married Deborah Winsley and started another Weed line.
    Elizabeth 1637
    Mary 1638
    John 1639
    Dorcas 1641
    Samuel 1645
    Hannah 1650
    Daniel 1652
    Sarah 1654
    unnamed 1656
    Jonas Weed II b. 1647 CT d. 1704 CT (age 57)
    m. Bethia Holly b. 1656 d. 1713
      Jonas 1678
      Benjamin 1681
      Abigail 1695
      Johnathon Weed I b. 1684 CT d. 1728 CT
      m. Mary Ferris b. 1690
       Jabez 1712
       Joshia 1716
       Silas 1718
       Mary 1722
       James 1723
       Jonas 1722
       Johnathon Weed II b. 1711 CT
       m. Mercy Drew b. 1715
         Elizabeth 1736
         Johnathon 1739
         Hannah 1742
         Abigail 1744
         Mercy 1750
         Gilbert Weed b. 1740 CT d. .. NY
         m. Abigail Hoyt b. 1740
          William Weed b. 1774 NY
          m. Olive Branch b. 1772
           Tracy Hoyt Weed b. 1811 NY
           m. Cynthia Cherrington b. 1815
Cynthia may have been a 2nd cousin to Abraham Lincoln...her grandfather Wm. Cherrington married Margaret Hanks. Still tracking this down. Cherrington family geneologists say that Margaret Hanks was unrelated to Lincoln's mother Nancy. If they saw me bearded, they might rethink their position. While it could be a coincidence, I look much so like Abe that it's scary. Will probably never know for sure, as conditions in that part of the country during that time were extremely fluid and documentation wasn't high on their list of priorities.
            William Branch Weed b. 1836
            m. Josephine Topping b. 1838
              Cynthia Sophia Weed b. 1872 OH d. 1965 CO
              m. Charles Steele b. 1850: in Albany or Auburn NY, d.1926 CO
Son of Jacob Steele. Found NYS death certificate for Jacob in area north of Rochester NY, near Auburn. Family tradition says Jacob was an architect. At that time, there were no schools of architecture and the label implies self-education and/or European background. Will pursue when time permits.
                Lee 1893 - died young
                Edna (Dolly) 1896 - died young
                Mabel 1898
                Mary 1901
                Nell 1904
                Herbert 1907
                Charles b. 1910 d. 2002
                Elizabeth (Betty) b. 1913 d. 1990
                m. Andrew Dugger Saunders b. 1904 d 1983
                  Norman Dugger 1932
                  William Kraig 1934-2007
                  Ray Lynn - 1937 1937
                  m. Cynthia R. Gartner b. 1942
                    Scott b. 1970
                      Joshua b. 1970
                    Robert b. 1970
                      Randi b. 1970
                      Lauren b. 1970
                    Amy b. 1970
                      Jessica b. 1970
                      m. Kyle Flynn
                        Sean Patrick Flynn b 2010
                        Brayden Robert Flynn b 2013
                      Rachel b. 1970
                      Amanda b. 1970
                      Elizabeth b. 1970
                    Tracy b. 1968
                    Tim b. 1970
                    m. Gina Miccio
                m. Frank Milton Wallace - of Scots descent
                  Sue Ellen b. 1947
                  m. Wm. Knowles
                    Julie Knowles
                    Beth Knowles
                    m. Wm. Wyman
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