Somebody calls and you never really know who,
hidden in the night wind blowing over you.
Teach yourself to kiss a dream going by
and grab the earth and a little bit of sky.
    Stand of fall, it doesn't matter much.
    The blossom is too fragile for your touch.
Now and then when you find you're growing old,
wear the Past to keep away the Cold.
Learn the name of every passing minute
and try to live the happiness that's in it.
    Hang on or let go, it's all the same.
    Love be soon or late, it's just a name.
Scream for Sun! Cry rhapsodies of phantom pain,
to recompense the Rainbow for the glory-rain.
Turn your deaf ears in for second-hand
and settle it all for the price of a wedding band.
    Love what you hope is him, what your think is her,
    for what-you-feel is more than you know-for-sure.
Somewhere in the darkness that will never dawn
you'll look back down the road you traveled lonely on.
At every fork in the road, sing out your choice,
but, Babe, don't hold your breath til you hear your voice.
    You'll walk the road by the charm of blood and bone.
    It's up to you if you walk the road alone. Continue reading Songs

Wenn Man

Wenn man ein Wunder sehen wuerde,
muss man ein Wunder sein.
Aber die Seele is nicht zu gut;
der Kopf is viel zu klein.
Gehst du so froelich durch die Welt,
wirst du zum Ende kommen.
An jeder Stadt ist Tod gestellt.
So is dein Leben genommen.

Ach, vergangane Liebe

Ach, vergangene Liebe,
im Regen stehst du noch,
und ich muss ja errinnen
Leid un Lieder doch.
Heute weiss ich nichts welche
schoener am Herzen war.
Ich weiss nur dass die beide
verwunden mich sogar.
Aber eine ohne andere,
waere Heute ohne Morgen,
erhalte ich zusammen
die Freude und das Sorgen.

What there was

What there was to take,
I gladly took.
What there was to give,
I gave with joy.

Brooklyn Heights in Spring

Amazed at the variety
of people every
What most attracts, surprises and disgusts me
is that each thinks
he has
the Secret,
knows best how
to live
The women are pursuing themselves
as time permits, as times permit,
for their lives are complicated
by the men. The women put up with them.
It uses most of their energy,
putting up with the men.

God, I love

God, I love beautiful women! I could
spend my life in adoration.
But more I love more usual women
in those moments when their beauty leaks out.

There are beauties

There are beauties I have seen
over the years and over the years
the beauties cling in memory
like cockleburs, persistent, tiny
and a little bit irritating.


It is pleasant to see
the poet/letter-writer/whateversheis
as she looks up from the paper,
smile as she glances at the others
or at some private thought
or because she feels like it.
She has a nice
I’m jealous because I didn’t invoke it.
Maybe I did. Maybe
she smiled at the sight of me.
And maybe
she just smiled.
It suffices. Today
is not a total waste.

Some people

Some people throw us Life Preservers,
some people just throw stones.
We seize what’s nearest
and wonder as we s

Sorting through

Sorting through the collection of our lives
having decided on
a rummage sale of the soul
we gaze curious and disremembering
on joys and pleasures
pricing them by whim
til all are sold.
We will not sell our pain
at any price.